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We create prototypes to bring your invention ideas to life

Many inventors like to test and showcause their invention ideas to develop a proven, working prototype `before bringing their product to market. Often times, the journey from a concept to “shelf-ready” is not easy. Many inventions start and formulate as an idea in the mind of the inventor. From that point, the idea is usually roughly drawn out using a pencil and paper.

3D Printing & Modeling Services

Typically, 2D illustrations or 3D models are next created using CAD software. 2D drawings are suitable for Provisional Patent applications. 3D renditions are appealing virtual images useful for marketing to potential licensees showing the product in use. For 3D renditions that can be made into videos we use Cinema 4D Max (Maxon) and Maya. For 3D modeling, our team draws and tests with Autodesk Inventor. These drawings can be manipulated to be viewed from different angles. As presented, these drawings are helpful when showing the invention to potential manufacturers.

Turning Your Vision into Reality

Many inventors tend to feel discouraged when it looks like their invention may be stalled in its progress to the store shelf. It may look easy for others to turn our professional products but not for them. We know that great things are possible with great effort. We’re happy to share our knowledge, creativity and experience to help your invention be the best it can be.


Turning Your Vision into Reality

Talk to a member of our team. Let us share the experience we have and the care we take to make your invention a reality, AND all within a reasonable budget. We provide professional results which helps showcase your invention idea favorably to all who see it.